Company :: Reynalco


The entity was created in 1994, by professionals with more than proven experience in the sector, from the leading company for 30 years in the aluminum carpentry market in Spain.

It is currently located in Sueca (Valencia), on an area of ​​9,000 m2, it has a 5,000 m2 warehouse with the most modern means of production existing within its branch or specialty.

Both the management, as well as technicians, as well as the production staff accumulate decades of experience, full dedication, involvement and professionalism, which make all the products obtain a unique quality standard in the sector.

The company is characterized by a firm guarantee before its clients and suppliers, complying without any exception with each and every one of the technical requirements, both national and international; CTE, CSTB, etc.

In addition, it is committed to quality requirements in all phases of the production process; from the alloy of the aluminum profiles (6063 AA), to the sealing of the treatment of the lacquered / anodized material (QUALICOAT / EWAA-EURAS), through the accessories, EPDM gaskets and glasses certified by the suppliers, to the complete production line and final delivery of the product.

Global safety, total quality, environmental protection and cutting-edge technology form the 4 bases on which the company's philosophy is based.

Both in the national market, throughout the entire Spanish geography, and in the export market to countries around the world, such as France, Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Panama, Martinique or French Guanyana, maintains to its clients, with total loyalty and personalized attention, offering them a highly professional service.

Its technical department is constantly researching and providing different constructive solutions to the problems of integrating carpentry in modern works, improving its performance every day.