The monoblock o drawer shutter system :: Reynalco


first thing you have to keep in mind is that there are plenty of models and manufacturers to both the drawer to the blind, so it will be very difficult to compare them all.

This louver system consists of an aluminum box or pvc blinds and incorporating standing and suitable for any type of window,
the positioning system in the window is performed by means of two special guides attached to the window and drawer is fitted with one collector and the bodkins therefore not require any work for the placement of the shutter.

The drawer has a lid inside to register and to solve future repairs without having to dismount.

At present there are various models and materials for the manufacture of this type of shutter boxes, pvc being one of their better thermal and acoustic performance.
Some models incorporate porexpan inside, in one, two or three sides to increase levels of thermal and acoustic insulation.

The measurement of the monoblock is directly proportional to the height of the window, and that the higher the site will be the largest window we will need to roll up the blind.
The standard and most common sizes are 150 mm drawer and 180 mm, There are also special measures to accommodate doors blinds at very high (220 mm).

The blind can be standardized

  • Profiling with injected polyurethane aluminum, these blades are slightly smaller and narrower than the conventional blind slats for being stuffed with polyurethane have better thermal and acoustic insulating behavior.
  • From extrusinado aluminum, larger and heavier than the profiled offer better performance in security. Losing a bit of insulation performance. In most cases this shutter larger force us to increase in size of the monoblock.
  • PVC, the same size as profiled, now rarely used because of its brittleness and low resistance. Furthermore slats pvc yellow over time due to exposure to sun, crack and split.