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A lattice is a parasol or made ​​of PVC or aluminum blade, used to cover architectural surfaces.

In the summer months can cause overheating in our home.
This phenomenon is because through the windows go sunbeams that warm air inside causing a heat buildup, which can cause the temperature inside the house is even higher than the outside.
Therefore, to achieve a saving in the consumption of cooling is necessary to prevent overheating caused by solar radiation.

An effective way to prevent overheating is by installing sun protection measures, which allow the cooling systems use less energy to get nice temperatures, thereby reducing the cost of energy bills.
Its use is growing significantly as the concepts of energy conservation and sustainability are paramount in the current architecture.
The slats are a complement parasol applied increasingly in buildings, both new and rehabilitated.
Provides the building or property conditions thermal insulation and energy saving, and that can reduce the required cooling power. It also acts as a regulator of the sunlight inlet, decreasing the use of artificial illumination.

Another utility of such lattices is to cover both vertical and horizontal architectural surfaces with functional or aesthetic purposes. Its most common applications can be as cladding facades, faux wall lattices in buildings to hide areas of stairs and galleries, aeration systems for industrial buildings, etc.