Ventilation controlled :: Reynalco


We understand the renewal of ventilation air in a room through a connection with the outside environment. Accurate ventilation opening for air intake and one for removal, as well as a pressure difference.

The unhealthy indoor air in a home was until recently virtually unknown problem. A window should allow the renewal of the air to provide acceptable living conditions. But we note that a constant flow or poor air circulation ensures air exchange, although at the cost of high energy inefficiency.

With the crisis, the concern in Europe to save on energy expenditure leads to investment and development of systems of sealed enclosures. New windows and close fit much better than some years ago the heat leak away, so very high hermetic rates are achieved.

Deteriorating air quality in the room but after getting more airtight windows a new problem appears. When natural ventilation deleted windows fogging pass, excess moisture creates mold or mildew, smoke and odors are stuck in the room considerably low air quality, etc.

Returns is when the need to ventilate the room. European legislation, including the Spanish in its technical building code (CTE) in its core document in health require that windows and doors have a ventilation system that ensures proper circulation of fresh air.

Today there are many models on the market and ventilation systems, so we have solution for virtually all building requirements without changing the aesthetics of the window.