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Windows and locks: key points to protect

Studies of home security state that the most common points of entry for a burglary at a home are the windows and doors. Given these data it is evident that the windows and walls of the balconies and terraces become two of the points in which the burglar systems must have a higher incidence.

No matter how robust it is his window and be very resistant glass, if it is easy to open, we have not achieved our goal. To do this purpose fittings are basically combines the fitting pin (movable closure piece in the sheet) mushroom type, with a steel keeper (fixed closing piece in the frame) to actuate the lock that its window, this embraces the bolt and prevents the leverage of the window, is also very important that the hardware is provided with an anti-drill plate to protect the mechanism (drive system hardware).

The best anti-theft system is a manufacturing quality and durable

Clearly, the first anti-theft brake or closing a window should be the quality of manufacture of the window relative to its own strength. For manufacturers of windows and walls, the definition of strength classes is subject to DIN V ENV 1672. This standard establishes four classes of resistance are evaluated according to the profile of the thief, his method, place, risk, and use recommended from WK 1 to WK 4.

WK 1: The elements have basic protection against attempts to log in using physical force, such as kicking, lunging against the door with his feet or shoulders, lift and go.These elements have little protection against only levers.

WK 2: The casual thief tries to break the element closed and locked with the additional help of simple tools such as screwdrivers, pliers and wedges

WK 3: The thief tries to open the item closed and locked with a second screwdriver and a crowbar.

WK 4: The professional thief uses other tools and percussion such as ax, chisel, hammer and chisel, and drill.

Must be resistant to shock, this type of glass is called for domestic security laminate and the ideal composition is a laminated 6 +6, ie two monolithic glasses (simple) connected by a sheet (PVB) which will protect from external aggressions .

Security shutters:
The installation of special blinds is a measure of easy application and which is more protective layer to prevent access by the window. The market offers various solutions among which some of these:

system with self-locking straps, which are those that are blocked and prevent forced raising of the shutter from the outside. This is an economical and easy to install and we just have to put special strips on top of the shade, without having to change or modify the shutter.

There are other types of extruded slat roller shutter security by design are locked while trying to lift, Self-locking blades are a powerful reinforcement for the security housing. They are made of aluminum and are highly robust and resistant to impact. Its automatic locking mechanism is activated when attempting to climb the force from the outside, which makes an effective anti-theft device.