Maintenance of aluminium windows :: Reynalco


Windows aluminum manufactured and assembled correctly and with good use of them, have long proper operation. If to this we can add a brief maintenance from time to time, it will work even more durable and long.

It is important to take some precautions if our windows always keep their functionality and aesthetics.

For both internal and external cleaning Never use an abrasive product, it is best to use water with a little soap applied with a soft cloth or sponge that will not scratch.

For good expulsion of water that can accumulate in the window is appropriate to revise the points where drainage empties the window, clean and dry regularly.

In the sliding enough to apply lubricating oil to the bearings (wheels) and the closing of the leaf (applied through the interior of the sheet directly to the mechanisms). It is also necessary to check that the leaves are square, since otherwise it could lead to a substantial air leak and do not close properly. This can be tested by placing the edge of the door frame, but without finish of closing, leaving a few millimeters of light and checking to eye distance of light in the top is equal to the bottom.

In the current sliding wheels are adjustable (see through screw is inside the bottom of the door), depending on the action we take (press, release) we see that the door goes up or down, we can do this on the two wheels of each door.

This type of window will come factory regulated but might start with a daily use of adjustment, so it is convenient to perform this check.

In hinged and tilt windows, enough to apply lubricant oil hinges, locks, handles and other accessories, in addition to checking that there are no loose fitting tightening the screws of hinges, handles, etc., It is desirable to perform these operations twice a year.

All the fittings have a tilt adjustment system will allow us to adjust the window to avoid sagging or rubbing of the door.