How to avoid the exterior noise in the house? :: Reynalco


Outside noise passes mainly through the windows, so to isolate the outer housing must be used windows best sound quality by testing it must judiciously select the type of woodworking , glass and shade in the case of to take her.

As for the carpentry:

When choosing windows have to be aware that not all materials behave the same.

The windows are acoustically better behaved manufactured in PVC, closely followed by aluminum thermal break and finally the worst performance you will give us the cold aluminum.

One of the most influential parameter is the type of opening. Generally, folding joinery ( tilt or opening ) due to the reduced permeability to air, to achieve higher sound insulation sliding noise.

Regarding the characteristics of the glass:

It is advisable to use as laminated glass is better than simple behave the same thickness, and even if they are layered acoustic. In general, the greater the glass thickness has higher sound insulation. Moreover, in the case of double glazing with air better with glasses of different thickness on both sides of the camera behave.

The shutter monoblocks are a point of penetration of air and noise in the building.

There are some models that carry within acoustic and thermal insulation to remedy these deficiencies.

In those cases in which the premises are very noisy, would recommend using double windows, which is also solved the problem that can lead the blind areas.